BETTE is Distributed by Distinction Collection in South Africa. We are proud to offer  the unsurpassed quality of BETTE Pressed Steel Enamel Baths. The silky smooth BETTEGlaze enamel is easy to clean, non-porous which makes it near impossible for germs to grow.

Brilliant Enamel Finish

Smooth, seamless, perfect. Our brilliant enamel finish is exceptionally hygienic and easy to clean, and resistant to household cleaning materials.

Scratch & Impact Resistant

BETTEGLAZE enamel is harder than marble, and is almost impossible to scratch – never losing its shine means that you have a new bath every day.

UV Resistant

Each BETTE bath surface will remain as bright, white and flawless as the day you bought it – never yellowing with age.



BETTEFORM’s ergonomically designed soft lines and contours follow your body’s natural curves.

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Classic style exudes from this symmetrical masterpiece.

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The double-ended rectangular design of BETTEONE provides generous space and elegant curves.

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BETTELUX’s extremely narrow bath rim’s natural design lends an element of flow and harmony to your home.

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Adding style and elegance to any home is easy with the iconic BETTELUX OVAL bath.

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BETTECOMODO is the epitome of aesthetic appeal and comfort.

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Heat Resistant

Fireproof and non-flammable – even a burning candle will not damage your BETTE bath.

Superior Steel-pressed Baths

BETTE has worked for 60 years to find the optimal thickness of superior 2.4mm titanium alloy steel that ensures a smooth finish that flexes when struck to prevent damage to the enamel finish.

Heat Conducting

We create baths from steel titanium alloy that is exactly 2.4mm thick to perfectly balance strength of the bath with optimal heat conduction – never pulling too much heat from the water.

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