5 Minutes with Roelof Rabe Argitekte

5 Minutes with Roelof Rabe Argitekte
25th Jan 2018
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We recently spoke with Director Lafras Dunn and Architect Jozanne Louw from Roelof Rabe Argitekte about their take on the modern bathroom as they share their advice on creating an inspiring and beautiful space.


1. What are top two trends for bathrooms in 2018?

Dark Walls

Neutral colours and matt surfaces – no more bright colours and high gloss surfaces. These neutral colours give great contrast to darker walls. Even if the bathroom is small – don’t be scared of going too bold.


Geometry Inspired

Tiles with modern geometry inspired patterns or shapes for floors and walls have a huge visual impact and also make personalised customising easier.


2.  What is your advice for designing a functional and beautiful bathroom?

Reflect Your Personality

Your bathroom does not have to be the room in the house that has been neglected because it is just a bathroom. It should reflect your personality in every aspect – from the light fittings to the accessories. Your bathroom is your private retreat.


3. How can you refresh the look of a tired bathroom without breaking the bank?

Apart from the basics – new paint, fittings and accessories, one can revitalise the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom by adding quirky wall art and introducing furniture that makes a bold statement.


4. What is the most common design challenge in the bathroom and how do you solve it?

Hygiene. A bathroom should be hygienic and easily kept clean. There should be no hard to reach places and every small little corner or cove must be accessible. When designing your bathroom think about how one will clean the space or area around fixtures and fittings.



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