A BETTEr Loved Brand

A BETTEr Loved Brand
25th May 2018
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Owning a steel/enamel washbasin by Bette is a very special unique privilege. Through decades of experience in steel shaping and enamel finishing, Bette has become one of the leading manufacturers of steel/enamel baths, basins and shower floors in Europe. By using raw materials such as glass, water and titanium steel, German craftsmen create top products in state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and finish them with the exceptionally brilliant surface, BetteGlaze®.

Step into a world of durability and beautiful design with some of the finest models of Bette washbasins currently stocked in South Africa by DISTINCT Collection in association with Bathroom Butler.

We have sought out the most innovative, boundary-pushing washbasins currently on the European market, and brought them to an exclusive bathroom retail store near you.

BettteOne, BetteAqua, BetteComodo and  BetteBowl by the leading manufacturing company, are all a first-rate investment that boast clear-cut lines and precise geometry.

The high quality achieved through hand craftsmanship renders the products their status as top pieces to choose for your renovation project or newly-built home.

The washbasins lend special character to the room, with their reduced form and the brilliant quality of the finish—BetteGlaze®. The long-lasting BetteGlaze® enamel surface is known for its glossy shine and its resistance to UV light, scratches, dents and chemicals. The colour will not fade or yellow over time and chemicals such as nail polish or abrasive cleaning agents will not damage nor scratch the hard -wearing surface. It is also resilient, non-porous and hygienic – germs and bacteria are unable to adhere to the glazed surface.

The Bette washbasin is characterised by elegant design and long lasting steel/enamel material though hand craftsmanship from start to finish, from the moulding of the steel through to the laser engraved logo. Brands such as Bette are loved the world over for what they provide the consumer– status and style.

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