A Guide to Bathrooms with Timeless Beauty

A Guide to Bathrooms with Timeless Beauty
30th Aug 2018
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Some bathrooms seem to never go out of style, the secret in their timeless appeal lies in careful planning and selecting elegant and durable finishes. Timeless elegance is all about editing – eliminating the unnecessary, and curating each item that goes into your space to create a cohesive look that is simple, yet sophisticated.

We shares our thoughts on what gives longevity to bathroom style:


Age appropriate

Many bathroom renovations start with a dream, and then evolve into more practical planning — budget, style, layout and plumbing are all carefully considered. So are surfaces, textures, lighting, cabinets, mirrors and sanitary ware. Bathrooms remain a place of refuge in today’s demanding lifestyle, where people can truly unwind, relax and rejuvenate. As such, it’s imperative that bathrooms are designed in a way to be enjoyed for years to come. We have all been into those bathrooms, with permanent fixtures that make us feel like we are stuck in an 80’s commercial. Not only do some fashion trends have the tendency to age a bathroom look, but they also get expensive to follow continuously. There are times when chucking the latest obsession makes good common sense.


Leaving a lasting impression

Another way to create a beautiful bathroom that will leave a lasting impression for decades is to add a masterfully crafted enameled steel bath. The bathtub is an integral part of the bathroom, acting as a statement piece that creates balance and a sense of luxury. Although people still have the pre-conceived idea that steel baths are of bygone eras, baths and basins by Bette will make you rediscover and fall in love again with the beauty of pressed steel. The Bette bath is a visual masterpiece that is sure to add an effortlessly graceful look that will endure the passage of time.


Expert advice 

Leading Interior Designer, Karen Steyn from the Home Studio suggests when creating a timeless bathroom to stick to all white or shades of white colour scheme, and if you’d like to include colour, but are not confident enough to include a variation of a few shades, stick to the rule of 3 and choose only 3 colours to work with. Karen also suggests paying attention to the natural elements used like wood and concrete as these will form part of the colour scheme and the overall aesthetic appeal.

It is essential that homeowners consider finishes and materials that will stand the test of time and will not date the look of their bathroom prematurely.


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