Basin Trends

Basin Trends
5th Jun 2020
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Selecting the right bathroom basin can be a difficult task, considering the array of options available on the market today. From wall-hung to inset, above-counter, freestanding or vessel sinks – your choice will largely depend on the style and size of your bathroom and your budget. We offer some insights into the hottest basin trends to inspire your purchase decision.


A Matter of Quality 

Today’s well informed homeowners are on a mission to make their renovation budget stretch as far as it can, without compromising quality or style. In the long run quality pays off for itself. The cost of replacing a basin after three to four years works out more expensive than investing in a good quality one from the onset. As homeowners become increasingly more selective and feel the economic pinch, they are looking at their spend as an investment, and here, longevity pays off.

In line with this trend Bette’s pressed steel enamel basins offer beauty and award-winning design as well as incredible durability and quality which is backed up by a 30 Year Master Craftsman Warranty. All Bette basins are made from titanium steel and finished with a non-porous enamel surface, which is UV- and chemical-resistant. This means the basins will not discolour or lose their shine, and they won’t stain even after accidentally spilling nail polish or other hair and make-up products. It is also an impressively hygienic surface that is very easy to clean. Simply put, Bette basins offer the best longevity when compared to other materials.


Form and Function

The common thread connecting all trendy basins today is that, whether curved or contemporary and geometric, the underlying design principle is one of streamlined elegance. Gone are the days of chunky and visually heavy basin designs – today it is all about sleek simplicity. This doesn’t mean that on trend basin design has to be boring – on the contrary, today’s basins boast incredibly interesting, bold, often organic-inspired aesthetics, but they are polished, stylish and sophisticated.

Bette’s pressed steel basins are a prime example, as they boast eye-catching forms with chic profiles for an overall appearance of understated elegance and exquisite beauty. What’s more is they are incredibly versatile and can be installed as wall-hung or above-counter.


More Than Skin Deep 

Being environmentally responsible has never been more front of mind with consumers the world over, over even in South Africa. The purchase decisions we make have an impact on the environment.

Bette basins and baths, you are not only investing in a practical thing of beauty, but you also investing in a green product and a company that is environmentally sustainable. The fact that Bette products last longer than others dramatically reduces the overall carbon footprint and all Bette baths and basins are certified to ISO 14025. The materials they are made from like titanium steel, glass, quartz, ores and borax are all natural and non-toxic; in addition Bette cover two-thirds of the energy required during manufacturing with electricity they produce themselves, which all add up to a great continuation towards environmentally sustainable and responsible end product.



To help homeowners afford this great quality during the lockdown, we have slashed the prices of all our basins to 2104 prices. Now everybody can experience this product in action in their own bathroom.  Choose from the BettteOne, BetteAqua, BetteComodo and  BetteBowl featuring the BetteGlaze enamel surface that is unlike any other – hard-wearing and hygienic, so germs are unable to adhere to it, because of its silky smooth, non-porous nature. Contact us for pricing.








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