BETTE Form – A Classic

BETTE Form – A Classic
4th Jul 2017 Bette
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The rectangular bathtub remains a classically beautiful shape that is a popular choice for most bathrooms. With the BetteForm drop-in bathtub, leading German manufacturer of titanium steel baths, basins and shower floors – Bette – proves time and again that it is possible to create a practical, yet spectacular bathtub from a simple rectangular shape.

Focus on Sustainability & Craftmanship

Set in the heart of German farmlands near Delbrück, is the site of a large steel enamel factory. The gorgeous nature surrounding the location of Germany’s premium manufacturer of pressed steel baths and basins reflects their commitment to sustainability and a greener environment. Bette has two thermal power stations, which provide two-thirds of the company’s required energy. Waste heat from the station is also fed back into the production line.

Head of marketing Sven Rensinghoff explains: “We have a philosophy to manufacture products as sustainably as possible.”

High-end products are made on a 200,000sqm site, which boasts an 80,000sqm production line. This allows Bette to have a large stock of products, ready for distribution throughout Europe and the rest of the world. One such product is the BetteForm titanium steel bath. The smart rectangular bath exceeds expectations and gives consumers a wonderful bathing experience. Made of durable 2.4mm titanium steel and coated with the refined BetteGlaze® enamel finish, this bath delivers on style, quality and manufacturing excellence.

Comments Rensinghoff “We believe that an understanding of craftsmanship is what turns a product into a premium product, with our top-end products all using a mix of high-tech production and hand craftsmanship to deliver the best product and finish possible.”

The unique BetteGlaze® enamel finish, which is made using water, glass, quartz, borax and soda, is more hardwearing and resistant to scratching when compared to other materials and has a high level of protection from UV related colour fading and heat damage.

The bath will retain a stable non-fading colour even after extended use. Rensinghoff says “The combination of steel and enamel is strong, scratch resistant, impact resistant and permanently retains its shape.”

The BetteForm bath is constructed from the highest quality steel enamel and comes with a manufacturer’s 30 year guarantee. Stronger and more durable than other material baths, this single ended bath proves to be a practical glee, and comes with optional extras such as adjustable cradle, waste and overflow. (link

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