• Mar272020

    Bathroom Renovation Tips

    More time at home during the 21-Day lockdown means you can focus on those long overdue projects around the house.…

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  • Dec022019
    stylish guest bathrooms

    Guest Bathrooms

    While the guest bathroom serves as a functional space, this doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t pack all the creature comforts…

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  • Nov212019
    modern farmhouse bathroom

    Modern Farmhouse Bathroom

    The bathroom can sometimes be neglected by homeowners, but it needn’t be an ugly duckling hidden away in the darkest…

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  • Sep232019

    Mittermeiers Alter Ego

    Ulli and Christian Mittermeier, who are well-known and highly-experienced hotel and catering professionals, purchased a villa dating back to the…

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  • Jul232019

    The Same Space Re-imagined

    We worked with leading Interior Designers, Chantelle Pretorius and Lidia Mostert from SPS Studio and brought to life four designer…

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  • Jun262019

    Family Friendly Bathrooms

    Every mom adores time with her children, but sometimes being left alone to enjoy a hot bubble bath with a…

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  • May222019

    Taking on a playful attitude to bathroom design

    We chatted to Karen Steyn, Interior Designer and owner of The Home Studio for some pointers when choosing a colour…

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  • Apr302019

    Bathroom Renovation Tips from the Experts

    We spoke to Cape Town based Sanware Specification Specialist Sandy Warner and go-to-architect Robyn Connors who have provided valuable insight…

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  • Feb042019

    Current Trends in Bathroom Design

    If you are considering a bathroom makeover or a renovation, or perhaps if you are building a new space from…

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  • Sep262018

    Turn your Bathroom into a Spa Oasis

    For many, the bathroom is a sanctuary – a private place to refresh and re-energize, whether with an invigorating shower…

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