Passion. Devotion. Dedication. Quality. Perfection.

Each BETTE bath is a work of art – brought about by the passion and devotion that each one of our employees has for the work that they produce. Decades of experience in steel reshaping and enamel finishing, with exceptional attention to detail in all our hand-finished products, clearly shows in each product.

Constantly redefining the boundaries of steel and enamel production and our skill in processing it, we use the latest production methods and innovatively complement them with individual manual processes. With every new product, we engage with well-known designers to ensure that we always extend ourselves beyond form and function – elevating your bathroom to a work of art.

Core Principles


Superior craftsmanship and quality ensure that our products are designed to withstand daily use for many years.


Release the stress of your day in a bath that follows the natural curves of your body and supports you where you need it most


Decades of experience and faultless attention to every detail ensures that your bath is made with meticulous precision.