Current Trends in Bathroom Design

Current Trends in Bathroom Design
4th Feb 2019

If you are considering a bathroom makeover or a renovation, or perhaps if you are building a new space from scratch and you are unsure of what to look out for, then read on for some insight into the latest bathroom trends, currently making the biggest splash.


We remain abreast of what bathroom designs are currently trending and what’s popular locally and abroad to ensure that our products remain relevant and current. Having said that however, bathrooms are not spaces that would get a makeover every year, and as such, it is also important to choose a design that won’t go out of style too quickly. Ensuring that your bathroom is on trend, while also offering longevity of style is a fine balancing act, but achievable. It is essential to choose a style which resonates with you personally, when selecting items for your bathrooms and always go for the best quality products you can afford.


Here are some of the top trends shaping bathroom design today:


Natural Beauty

When looking for new design, it is always great to draw inspiration from the outdoors to infuse a sense of welcoming serenity into your interior space. This is especially true for bathrooms which can be hard and cold spaces that can sometimes feel uninviting stemming from their primarily functional purpose. More and more natural influences are making their way into current bathrooms, from nature-inspired colour pallets, to the introduction to raw materials and vanities placed in front of the window, looking out into the garden. Nature softens the bathroom space and makes it more inviting.


Sustainable Style

The growing awareness surrounding sustainable living is having its effect on home design, even in the bathroom. The current trend of up-cycling is set to grow further and bigger as consumers are looking to reuse, reduce and recycle or up-cycle in order to improve their own impact on the environment and also that of the products they invest in. BETTE baths for example are manufactured completely without chemicals or solvents, their focus is on using natural raw materials such as water, sand and steel and all BETTE products are 100% recyclable. In addition, BETTE draw two thirds of the energy used in the manufacturing process from their own electricity sources.


High-Tech Bathrooms

Environmental consciousness is also about consistently looking to reduce water and electricity consumption in the design of one’s home too. As technology evolves, there are more and more options for bathrooms, from water-saving toilets to heated towel rails and motion detecting taps. Innovative heated towel rails, as opposed to radiators, which have typically low wattage are used today to dry used towels and boast built-in temperature switches that allow reduced energy consumption. They also save space and keep bathrooms looking clutter free.


Open-plan living

One of the biggest trends is the creation of bathing zones that have been designed to look and feel like an extension of the living areas. Open concept designs where the bathtub has been placed inside the bedroom rendering solid separating walls, all but forgotten. The bathtub becomes not only the sculptural focal point within the space, but also an invitation to relax, rejuvenate and unwind. Bathtubs are attractive on both an aesthetic and an emotive level, as they stand as the quintessential symbol of downtime and self-indulgence.

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