Family Friendly Bathrooms

Family Friendly Bathrooms
26th Jun 2019

Every mom adores time with her children, but sometimes being left alone to enjoy a hot bubble bath with a cup of tea is much needed. We worked with Architect Phil Darby from  PDI Designs and Visual Artist Alex Darby from Visoo to create a bathroom that is family friendly so everyone in the home can spend quality time together – no matter the room.

Sharing is Caring 

When conceptualising the look and feel for your family bathroom an idea to keep in mind, as suggested by Architect Phil Darby, is to include double showers, double vanities, allowing twice the storage space and heated towel rails with plenty of packing potential for towels, “In the family bathroom, including His and Hers vanities is a must”.

No Plain Jane 

A bathroom no longer needs to be considered a boring space, but rather a room that should exude beauty, tranquility and relaxation. As mentioned by Visual Artists Alex Darby “Just because this room might endure a bit more usage and foot traffic, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it has to be void of all imagination”. You can still have fun with it and add elements of visual interest, such as an interesting floor pattern, a splash of bright colour on the walls and some artwork, you can even frame your children’s drawings.

Wear and Tear

“However keep in mind that whatever you do needs to resist a reasonable amount of wear and tear, so durability is key”, adds Phil.  When considering a bath, opt for a German manufactured BETTEStarlet drop-in bath. The flush installation allows for easy cleaning as hygiene is one of the biggest challenges in bathrooms. In addition, the bath surface is resilient and durable, scratch-resistant and non-porous. This will allow your little gem to splash around making funny faces with bubble bath and freely write and draw on the BETTE bath, without any worry of leaving marks or scratches.

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