Mittermeiers Alter Ego

Mittermeiers Alter Ego
23rd Sep 2019

Ulli and Christian Mittermeier, who are well-known and highly-experienced hotel and catering professionals, purchased a villa dating back to the 19th Century, owned by a former entrepreneur and transformed it into a high-end designer hotel with the freedom and informality of a private apartment.

The villa that is now Mittermeiers Alter Ego is not a classic boutique hotel but, as a hybrid and concept hotel it incorporates the best of both worlds without compromising quality and design.

“As we embarked on the building works, I asked myself: as a guest, what design and aesthetic do I expect of a hotel? As I myself spend about 80 nights a year in various national and international hotels, I knew exactly what a guest likes and what I would definitely do differently. I have benefited from these experiences, and enabled my own ideas to be integrated,” Christian Mittermeier explains the philosophy behind the project.

Architectural support for the conversion of this residence into a concept hotel was provided by Martin Schroth (Architekturstudio Schroth). The overriding idea behind the refurbishment process: to specifically omit details, and instead have everything of the very highest quality. “We had the courage to question certain things that had previously always been considered as natural in the hotel industry, and to interpret the whole thing as we believed was right – in some cases, very much differently,” laughs Christian Mittermeier.

“We asked ourselves what the first place is that a guest looks at in a hotel, and we quickly realised it was the bathroom,” he says. For hotels guests, the bathroom is an instant indicator of the hotel’s standard, and is often also a source of inspiration. Hotel bathrooms used to be designed along the lines of private bathrooms at home, so in other words they were rooms with four walls, a shower or bath, and a WC. Gradually, though, the walls to the bedroom were opened up and transparent glass walls let daylight in. The third step in the evolution of the hotel bathroom was the complete elimination of bathroom walls, which gives the bathroom a stage character – like the bathrooms in “Mittermeiers Alter Ego”, the design of which is artistically sophisticated, and where openness and transparency dominate.

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