Quiz: What is your Bathroom Style?

Quiz: What is your Bathroom Style?
13th Dec 2017
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Renovating your bathroom is possibly the most rewarding upgrade you will do in your home, but it is also one of the toughest. It is a private retreat that should reflect your lifestyle and personality, but the task can become even tougher if you don’t know what style to pick. Should you go for a contemporary look that follows the latest trends or should you go for an eclectic mix of all your favourite objects, colours and materials? Is it true that less is more when it comes to your bathroom?

Take our bathroom style quiz to help you decipher what style is best suited to you. Who knows by the end of it, you could have a better understanding of yourself … and it is fun!


1. Which of the below bathrooms appeals to you most?






2. What is the view from the window of your dream bathroom?

A. Calm and serene ocean

B. The city

C. Wild and exotic nature

D. Snow-capped mountains


3. What fragrance do you love in your home?

A. Lavender

B. Vanilla

C. Cinnamon

D. Peppermint


4. How would your friends describe you?

A. Caring, sensitive, warm and generous

B. Team-player, diligent, meticulous and loves order and stability

C. Spontaneous, passionate, lives in the moment, thrill seeker

D. Grounded in reality, logical, honest, always learning and striving to be better


5. How would you personalize a plain room?

A. Framed picture of loved ones

B. An antique leather chair

C. A brightly coloured rug

D. Handcrafted chandelier


6. How do you like to distress?

A. By doing yoga or meditating

B. By booking a spa treatment or massage

C. By jogging or doing sports

D. By soaking in a hot bubble bath


7. Which of the below items are you drawn to most?

A. Rose gold lamp

B. Potted orchid

C. Mirror in a yellow sun shaped frame

D. Wooden tray


8. What is you biggest style concern?

A. You want to keep things linear and clean-lined. Nothing too ornate, please!

B. You want to keep things timeless. Nothing too “loud” or overly trendy, please!

C. You want to keep things interesting, while maintaining a certain theme. Nothing too boring, please!

D. You want to keep things organic. Nothing too inefficient or fussy, please!


9. You are sitting in front of the TV with a bowl full of pop-corn ready to watch a movie. What movie do you pick?

A. Romantic drama full of feel-good moments

B. An ever-popular classic like “Forrest Gump” or “The Godfather”.

C. Whatever is on live TV, you channel-hop for a while until something grabs your fancy

D. The latest block-buster with rave reviews from the critics



Tally up your quiz results. Make note of the letter you chose most.


If you chose

Mostly A’s

Beautiful in its simplicity. Your bathroom style is Minimalist. This style is calm and serene. Going for minimal furnishings help keep the focus on the things in life that truly matter. You like simple, clean lines and shapes, minimal and natural colours, basic furniture and lots of space, you prefer to stay away from decorative elements, unnecessary adornments or features as they are distracting to the pursuit of purity.


Mostly B’s

Your bathroom style is Contemporary, you prefer interiors that are updated and trendy but at the same timelessly elegant. You take pride in your home and decorating it in a contemporary style that has been tried and tested. Quality finishes and stylish design define this aesthetic, materials such as wood, leather and polished metal feature prominently while in terms of colour, the palette of choice is neutrals such as grey, browns, black and white.


Mostly C’s

Your bathroom style is Eclectic. Colourful personalities come with equally vibrant homes – incorporating a bit of everything in the interior design, it reflects your need for dynamism and gives different visual experiences in each living space. Eclectic style is full of quirky charm and character that epitomize spontaneous personalities unhindered by convention and norms.


Mostly D’s

Your bathroom style is Industrial. Borrowing from stripped-down style factories, lofts and yards, industrial design is functional, yet edgy. Focused on functionality and organization without neglecting aesthetic, this style is sleek and simple. While you definitely prefer function over form, you stay inspired with a few sturdy and solid pieces to go with your raw and direct personality. A logical train-of-thought manifests itself in geometrical shapes and clean edges, lines and curves, giving the style a distinctive look.

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    The joy of not focusing on how your challenger plays makes most of the pleasure.

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