The Bette Story

The Bette Story
22nd Sep 2017
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The Bette story began over 60 years ago in Germany, with humble beginnings as a small family-owned manufacturing business. With each passing year, Bette has grown from strength to strength – continually perfecting and refining the use of natural raw materials such as glass, water and steel to create the world’s most beautiful baths.

Today Bette own a 90 000 sq. meter factory in Delbrück, Germany and employ 370 factory and admin staff at their headquarters. Having established themselves as a well-loved and trusted brand in Germany, Bette have now set their sights on the rest of the world. With their own Sales and Marketing offices set up in the UK, Hong Kong and the Netherlands and their products being sold in over 30 countries, going strongly in Europe, Australia and Asia, they are well on their way to transforming bathrooms all over the world with beautiful steel baths.

“Our passion and enthusiasm is channelled into creating new options for the bathroom as a living space,” says Sven Rensinghoff, Head of Marketing at Bette.

The sophisticated designs Bette is known for are made possible thanks to their one-of-a-kind moulding techniques. Rather than stretching the steel, it is pulled smoothly into its final shape with a force of 800 tonnes. This special process allows them to achieve the greatest degree of precision and a particularly low, uniform steel thickness.

All Bette products are manufactured completely without chemicals or solvents,

using two thirds of the energy required in the manufacturing process from their own thermal power plants and waste energy is fed back into the production line.

The Bette bath is a guarantee of lasting quality and value as they are extremely robust and remain beautiful for years to come. Thanks to their environmentally friendly production and long life, they demonstrate a first-rate life cycle assessment and they’re particularly well-suited to long-term building projects. With a 30 year master craftsman’s warranty against manufacturing defects, no other bath in South Africa can boast such a promise of lasting quality and top-end craftsmanship.

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