The Perfect Bath

The Perfect Bath
31st Aug 2017
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The most notable design feature in any given bathroom is the bathtub. The two primary schools of thought on the subject in recent years, have placed focus on the debate of free-standing bathtubs vs. drop-ins and which one is more likely to win your bathroom over.

One thing that everyone seems to agree about is the necessity for a bathtub in the bathroom. Studies have shown that soaking in a hot water bathtub regularly can have wonderful advantages and benefits to one’s overall health and wellbeing.

Bette has long recognized these beneficial effects on one’s quality of life and has dedicated years of expertise to the art of creating comfortable and luxurious bathtubs.

But a thing that is meant for relaxation can cause homeowners a lot of stress when building or renovating their bathroom. The focus in recent years has been placed on whether to choose a freestanding bathtub vs. a drop-in one. So, this begs the question: what is the perfect bath?

There is a time when a freestanding bathtub is the natural choice, when the space permits for the positioning of the bathtub freely in the center of the room.  But if your space is limited, then a drop-in bathtub is the better choice. A freestanding bath in a small, crammed space can make cleaning the area around it quite difficult.

Architects Lafras Dunn and Jozanne Louw from Roeloef Rabe say that the most common design challenge in the bathroom is hygiene.

“A bathroom should be hygienic and easily kept clean. There should not be hard to reach places and every small corner or cove must be accessible. When designing your bathroom think about how you will clean the space around fixtures and fittings.”

Fitted baths impart a special value to the bathroom as an integral part of bathroom design from spaciously elegant to smartly space-saving. Flush installations also makes for a fluency of the design and ease of cleaning that can only be fully appreciated with a drop-in bath.

Most commonly nestled against the wall, Bette drop-in baths have a personality, being the aesthetic highlight of the design featuring clear-cut elegance and harmonious lines.

Elegant steel enamel material meets graceful design lines in the perfect marriage of form and function. Choosing a Bette drop-in bath is always a guarantee of lasing value thanks to the durable quality of BetteGlaze®, which is scratch-resistant and non-porous, so dirt and bacteria are unable to adhere to the glass-like surface.



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