Turn your Bathroom into a Spa Oasis

Turn your Bathroom into a Spa Oasis
26th Sep 2018 dessie@bathroombutler.co.za

For many, the bathroom is a sanctuary – a private place to refresh and re-energize, whether with an invigorating shower or a relaxing bath. To enhance this sacred time and improve your daily routine, make the most of your space by turning it into a spa-like oasis


Create ambient lighting

Lighting is so important to create a serene ambience in the bathroom. If you have fluorescent or bright lights currently installed, consider replacing them with recessed ceiling lights, if possible, or getting an electrician in to install a dimmer switch. If redoing the lights is not an option at present, an inexpensive way to create gentle lighting is with candles, placed strategically throughout the room. Two pillar candles at the end of the bath and an additional large candle on a windowsill, glass shelf or dresser in the bathroom, should provide the perfect amount of light. Whether you prefer a soak or a shower in the morning or the evening is irrelevant – to create a spa-like atmosphere, lighting should be soft.


Add a heated towel rail

Nothing is better than getting out of the shower or bath and reaching for a fresh and dry towel with a touch of warmth, that you can wrap around yourself. Adding heated towel rail to your bathroom not only ensures you always have fresh towels on-hand, but the rails also offer a simple and stylish storage solution. Furthermore, heated towel rails are energy efficient, needing only one light bulb’s worth of power to run.


Include greenery

Plants clean the air, emit oxygen and filter airborne pollutants; they also suppress airborne mold spores and bacteria, and balance out humidity. And then, of course, they add a serene feeling to the space. Tropical plants will thrive the most in the bathroom, as they love humidity. If you have the room, add a few pot plants to the bathroom, or if you’re short on space, consider hanging plants, like ivy. For low-light bathrooms, consider snake plant (also known as ‘mother-in-law’s tongue’) and bamboo, orchids and ferns need a little more light (not direct sunlight), so they will thrive on a windowsill and if your bathroom gets a lot of light, opt for an array of aloes, which are striking as well as easy to look after. All of these plants thrive on the tropical-like climate of a bathroom.


Invest in a durable bathtub

In order to achieve a total state of calm in the bathroom, a clean and beautiful space is essential. Invest in a durable bath by Bette which is harder than marble, acrylic or engineered stone, but more flexible than cast iron, which makes it extremely resilient and resistant to scratching. Dirt and bacteria are unable to adhere to the non-porous glass-like surface, giving you more time for relaxing and less time cleaning off stubborn dirt rings.


Use aromatherapy

For a real spa-type experience every time you enter your bathroom, an oil burner and aromatherapy oils are a worthy investment. Choose oils to burn based on your mood or the state of being you hope to achieve – lavender for relaxation, eucalyptus for rejuvenation and to open up the airways, citronella to invigorate and ylang-ylang for romance.

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